Our Musical Library

Faye Dumont Singers Inc has an extensive choral library. There are large works, and some of these include orchestral parts; and many small (octavo) pieces. Music is available for hire if not in use by the FDS choirs.

The collection is largely classical, with works from all historic eras. There are also folk, jazz, pop and theatre choral arrangements, and a wide range of Christmas selections. Australian compositions in all voicings are substantial.

Voice parts:
Two part treble
SATB and its divisi

A catalogue of the FDS library is held with the Canberra Choral Society for perusal, with contact details for enquiries.

For direct enquiries to Faye Dumont Singers – email

ComposerTitleArrangerTextLanguageTypePartsSolo partsAccomp.
Agazzari, A.Congratulamini mihi, omnesLatin/EnglishSacredSA or TBOrgan/Piano
Ager, M.Ain't She SweetRodby, W.Yellen, JEnglishPopularSATBPiano (optional Bass)
Aguiar, E.Salmo 150 ("Psalm 150")LatinMixed VoicesSATBa Cappella
Ahle, J RLiebster Jesu, Wir Sind HierGermanSacredSATBa Cappella
Alfven, H.AftonenLuboff, NEnglish/SwedishMixed VoicesSATBPiano
Allegri, G.MiserereAtkins, I.EnglishMixed VoicesSSATBOrgan
Allen, SteveCool YuleShaw, KirbyAllen, SteveEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Ames, Jeffery L. & Leaman, S. ScottCanticle of MaryBiblical – Magnificat (Luke 1:46-52)EnglishSacredSSAAPiano & Oboe
Ancell, NoelTraveller, TheDennis, C JEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Andersen, Ann KappChristmas Theme and VariationsEnglishChristmasSSAHarp
Anderson, LeroySleigh RideEdwards, MichaelParish, MEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Andersson, Benny & Ulvaeus, BjörnThank You for the MusicShaw, KirbyEnglishMusical TheatreSSAAa Cappella
AnonAdijo KeridaJacobson, JoshuaLadinoSecularSATBPiano or Guitar
AnonLet My People GoScott, T.TradEnglishSpiritualSSAASopranoPiano
AnonO SanctissimaWilliamson, MalcolmLatinChristmasSATBOrgan/Piano
AnonBlind Man Stood On The Road and Cried, TheClary, S.St MarkEnglishSpiritualSATBTenora Cappella
AnonA-RovingLuboff, N.EnglishFolkTTBBPiano
AnonDrunken Sailor, TheSund, RobertEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonShe's Like The SwallowZaninelli, LuigiEnglishFolkSSAAPiano
AnonStill, Still, StillLuboff, N.Keith, M & Bergman GEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
AnonAustralian Sea ShantiesFinnissy, MichaelEnglishFolkSABa Cappella
AnonAin'-a That Good News!Dawson, WilliamEnglishSpiritualTTBBa Cappella
AnonEv'ry Time I Feel The SpiritDawson, William L.EnglishSpiritualSSAAa Cappella
AnonSoon Ah Will Be DoneDawson, W LEnglishSpiritualTTBBa Cappella
AnonSwing Low, Sweet ChariotDawson, William L.EnglishSpiritualSSASa Cappella
AnonThere is a Balm in GileadDawson, W LEnglishSpiritualTTBBTenora Cappella
AnonThere is a Balm In GileadDawson, William LBiblical – Jeremiah 8:22EnglishSpiritualSSASa Cappella
AnonChristmas Alleluia, AMoore, Undine SmithSpiritual“Alleluia” and EnglishChristmasSSAA+SSAA+UnisonSa Cappella
AnonGaudete! Gaudete!Walter, LanaPiae Cantiones, 1582Latin (or Latin & English)ChristmasSSASAPiano
AnonListen to the Angels ShoutingNoble, C J JrEnglishSpiritualSSAAPiano
AnonO BethlehemAlter, MarthaEnglishChristmasSSAa Cappella
AnonSteal Away: A Communion with GodJackson, M IEnglishSpiritualSSAAa Cappella
AnonWade in the Jordan RiverNoble, C J JrEnglishSpiritualSSAPiano
AnonGaelic SongCromie, M. BCromie, J.R.EnglishSecularSSPiano
AnonIrish slumber songVantine, BruceVantine, BruceEnglishFolkSATBSoprano (optional)Unaccompanied
anonDeep RiverO'Hare, ChristopherEnglishSpiritualSSAAPiano
AnonCoventry Carol, TheBoyd, J.TradEnglishChristmasTBBa Cappella
AnonFair Wind and WeatherTreharne, BrycesonGiffin, Amy ClareEnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonChristmas Hymns (set 4)Ringwald, Roy and Shaw, RobertAnonEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
AnonGreat DayDennard, Brazeal W.SpiritualEnglishSpiritualSATBLeadera Cappella
AnonTwo Irish Ballads: My Wild Irish Rose, Danny BoyGilpin, G.TradEnglishFolkTTBPiano
AnonShallow BrownGrainger, Percy AldridgeUnknownEnglishSecularUnison chorus (Vocal & Piano score)Piano
AnonI'm Seventeen come SundayGrainger, Percy AldridgeEnglishFolkSATBPiano
AnonStars Of IceBerglund, RobertT'ien Ching-FuEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
AnonDe Animals a-Comin'Stickles, W.TradEnglishSpiritualSSAa Cappella
AnonDadme albricias, hijos d'EvaCreekmore, HSpanishSacredSATBPiano
AnonMasters In This HallParker, A. & Shaw, R.Morris, WEnglishChristmasSATBSoprano & BaritonePiano
AnonAn Irish gentlemanD., R.EnglishFolkUnisonPiano
AnonGalway Piper, TheClough-Leighter, HChristie, NimmoEnglishFolkSATBPiano
AnonHe's goin' awayKubik, GailEnglishFolkSATBSABa Cappella
AnonHigh BarbarySmith, GreggEnglishFolkSATBTenor & Bassa Cappella
AnonLass From the Low Countree, TheSheppard, J.& Niles, J.Trad adapted Niles, JEnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonEmeralds: Folk songs of the IrishCutter, WilliamEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonGospel Train, TheArch, GwynEnglishSpiritualTTBBPiano
AnonJonahHughes, B.TradEnglishSpiritualTTBBa Cappella
AnonLast Rose of Summer, TheNeaum, M.TradEnglishFolkSSASopranoPiano
AnonWater of Tyne, TheNeaum, M.TradEnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonBard of Armagh, TheKelly, Thomas C.EnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonFly not yetKelly, Thomas C.Moore, ThomasEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonI saw three shipsFissingertradEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
AnonCaledonian's AirMullhollandBurns, REnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonLoch LomondMulholland, J.TradEnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonHaere RaScott, ClementKaihau, MaewaEnglish, MaoriFolkSATB & TTBB (a capella)Piano
AnonChildren, Go Where I Send Thee!Trant, BrianEnglishChristmasSSAAPiano
AnonCradle SongRutter, JohnEnglishChristmasSATBsoloa Cappella
AnonGreensleevesVaughan Williams, RalphEnglishFolkSAPiano
AnonLark in the Clear Air, TheCarter, AndrewEnglishFolkSATBSoprano (or flute)a Cappella
AnonPlay of Herod, TheGreenberg, N.& Smolden, W.LLatinChristmasSATB
AnonSee the gipsiesKodaly, ZoltanFroom, JacquelineEnglishFolkSSAAa Cappella
AnonWexford CarolRutter, JohnEnglishChristmasSATBBaritonea Cappella
AnonAll Creatures Now With Hearts RejoiceWarlock, P. (ed)EnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
AnonGreensleevesVaughan Williams, RalphEnglishFolkTTBBTenora Cappella
AnonI Saw Three ShipsVaughan Williams, R.TradEnglishChristmasTTBBBaritonea Cappella
AnonShepherds and the InnGaul, Harveyadapted by Oscar AveryEnglishChristmasSATBSoprano & TenorOrgan/Piano
AnonMedley from the SouthPike, Harry HaleEnglishFolkSSAAa Cappella
AnonGod Save The KingElgar, EdwardEnglishPatriotic – AnthemSATBPiano
AnonO, No JohnThiman, EricTradEnglishFolkTTBBa Cappella
AnonO. No JohnThiman, E.EnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonBlack SwanaLeek, StephenTradTorres StraitSSAPiano
AnonAngels We Have Heard On HighCherwien, David MEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
AnonInanayBennett, LouAboriginal languageFolkSAASticks
AnonFlaming Pudding Carol, TheHaberlen & McKelvyanonEnglishChristmasSATBFinger Cymbals
AnonSweet Was The SongClausen, R.EnglishChristmasSATBTenor, Sopranoa Cappella
AnonSwing Low Sweet ChariotMontague, J. HaroldEnglishSpiritualSSAPiano or Unaccompanied
AnonShenandoahErb, J.EnglishFolkSSAATTBBa Cappella
AnonAvenging and BrightParker, A.Moore, ThomasEnglishFolkTTBBa Cappella
AnonAway In A MangerTerri, SalliEnglishChristmasSSAHarp (or piano)
AnonBlow the Man DownShaw, R. & Parker, A.EnglishFolk - Sea ShantyTTBBBassa Cappella
AnonBound for the Rio GrandeShaw, R. & Parker, A.EnglishFolk - Sea ShantyTTBBTenora Cappella
AnonDere's No Hidin' PlaceParker, A. & Shaw, R.Spiritual, N.EnglishSpiritualSATBTenora Cappella
AnonDrummer and the CookShaw, R. & Parker, A.EnglishFolk - Sea ShantyTTBBGuitar or Piano
AnonHava NageelaGoldman, MauriceEnglish, HebrewFolkSATBPiano
AnonJohnny, I hardly knew yeParker, A.EnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonLet Us Break Bread TogetherTerri, S.Spiritual, A. N.EnglishSpiritualSATBYesa Cappella
AnonLi'l Liza JaneShaw, R. & Hunter, R.EnglishSpiritualTTBBa Cappella
AnonLowlandsTaylor, CliffordEnglishFolkSATBTenora Cappella
AnonO Come, All Ye FaithfulParker, A. & Shaw, R.Oakeley, FEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
AnonShenandoahErb, JamesEnglishFolkSSAAPiano
AnonSometimes I feelParker, A. & Shaw, R.Spiritual, N.EnglishSpiritualSATBAltoa Cappella
AnonLet Me FlyDe Cormier, REnglishSpiritualSSAATambourine
AnonDidn' My Lord Deliver DanielKing, Jennifer AlsupEnglishSpiritualSSAAa Cappella
AnonGuachi Torito (Little Orphan Calf)Escalada, OscarSpanishFolkSSAPiano
AnonI Know Where I'm GoinGrundahl, NancyEnglishFolkSSAHarp or Piano
AnonGod Rest You Merry, GentlemenKrone, B. & M.EnglishChristmasTTBBPiano
AnonPat-a-panKrone, B. & M.EnglishChristmasSSAPiano, autoharp
AnonPeople, Look EastFerguson, JohnFarjeon, EleanorEnglishChristmasSSAAKeyboard, Flute
AnonWe Wish You A Merry ChristmasKrone, B. & M.EnglishChristmasTTBBPiano
AnonWe Wish You A Merry ChristmasKrone, B. & M.EnglishChristmasSATBPiano (optional)
AnonCrucifixion (He never said a mumbaling word)Tveit, SigvaldSpiritual, N.EnglishSpiritualSATBa Cappella
AnonAll Through The NightNelhybel, VaclavBoulton, JamesEnglishFolkSSAsopranoa Cappella
AnonRosebud By My Early Walk, ADavie, Cedric ThorpeBurns, RobertEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonGo Down, MosesHayes, M.EnglishSpiritualSSAPiano
AnonBehold, That StarPage, RpbertEnglishChristmasSAKeyboard
AnonGo Tell It On The MountainSjolund, PaulBergen, PaulEnglishChristmasSSAaltoPiano
AnonLark in the Clear Air, TheCalvert, StuartEnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonSing A New Noel (Noel Nouvelet)Cable, HowardBartle, Donald (translation)EnglishChristmasSSAPiano, Cello
AnonSteal AwayJennings, J.Spiritual, T.EnglishSpiritualSATBBATa Cappella
AnonShule Agrah (Johnny's Gone For a Soldier)Curtright, CaroleeEnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonDeck the HallHuff, MacAnonEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
AnonDidn't My Lord Deliver DanielBerg, K.TradEnglishSpiritualSSAPiano
AnonEv'ry Time I Feel The SpiritHogan, M.Spiritual, T.EnglishSpiritualSATBYesa Cappella
AnonGreat DayHogan, M.TradEnglishSpiritualSATBYesa Cappella
AnonHolly and the Ivy, TheSnyder, AudreyEnglishChristmasSSATBaltoa Cappella
AnonMusic Down In My SoulHogan, M.EnglishGospelSSAPiano
AnonThree Spanish CarolsThe King's SingersSpanish and EnglishChristmasSATBBaritone, Mezzoa Cappella
AnonTwilight SongEllingboe, B.Longfellow, H.WEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
AnonWade in The WaterHogan, M.TradEnglishSpiritualSATBYesa Cappella
AnonDark Eyed Sailor, TheVaughan Williams, RalphEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonJust As The Tide Was FlowingVaughan Williams, RalphEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonDid You See A Hawk?Bullard, Trumantranslated from RussianEnglishFolkTTBBPiano (4 hands)
AnonNobody Knows the trouble I've SeenHumphreys, AlwynTradEnglishSpiritualTTBBa Cappella
AnonDeep RiverDinham, K.J.EnglishSpiritualTTBBBaritonea Cappella
AnonDiu Diu Dang AChien Shan-HuaChineseFolkSSAAsopranoa Cappella
AnonDorven Dalai (The Four Seas)YongrubMongolianFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonGo Where I Send Thee!caldwell & IvoryEnglishChristmasSSSSAPiano
AnonHere's A Pretty Little BabyThomas, Andre JEnglishChristmasSATBSopranoPiano
AnonLuk Luk LumbuYohanes, Budi SusantoOsingFolkSSAATTBBsopranoa Cappella
AnonPraise The Lord (A Processional Song)Johnson, RalphEnglish or FrenchFolkSATBPercusssion
AnonSavory, Sage Rosemary and ThymePatriquin, D.EnglishFolkSSAAPiano
AnonStuttering Lovers, ThePatriquin, D.Clarinet/Sax/Flute/Oboe/Violin part
AnonStuttering Lovers, ThePatriquinEnglishfolkSSAPiano & Clarinet
AnonDashing White Sargeant, TheRoberton, Hugh SGaelic, EnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonLit'le David play on yo' harpRoberton, Hugh SEnglishSpiritualSSAa Cappella
AnonSteal away to JesusRoberton, Hugh SSpiritual, N.EnglishSpiritualSATBa Cappella
AnonLo, How A Rose E'er BloomingAllen, DennisEnglishChristmasSSAPiano
AnonBelieve Me, If All Those Endearing Young CharmsDrewes. Capt. BarryEnglishSecularTTBBTenorPiano
AnonKalinkaGregoryk, JoanRussianfolkSSAa Cappella
AnonRoad to the Isles, TheArch, G.Macleod, KEnglishFolkSATBPiano
AnonRoad to the Isles, TheRowley, A.-EnglishFolkSATB-Piano
AnonShe Moved Thro' the FairHughes & ArchColum, PadraicEnglishFolkSSAAa Cappella
AnonVirgin Mary Had a Baby Boy, TheEhret, WalterEnglishChristmasSSAPiano
AnonOh, that bleeding lambGrotenhuis, D.EnglishSpiritualSATBa Cappella
AnonDolinaNeaum, M.Polish or EnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonNorth Country Folk Songs (4)Wilby, P.EnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonTwo Traditional CarolsCarter, AndrewBenedicamus Domino/The Holly and the IvyEnglishChristmasSATBSopranoa Cappella
AnonJohn PeelLee, E. MarkhamEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonDing Dong! Merrily On HighCarter, AndrewEnglishChristmasSSAa Cappella
AnonFour Carols of Other NationsDinhamEnglishChristmasSATBSopranoa Cappella
AnonKitty of ColeraineNelson, HavelockEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonTomorrow Shall Be My Dancing DayCarter, AndrewEnglishChristmasSAPiano
AnonDadme albricias, hijos d'EvaGreenberg, Noah (Ed)AnonSpanish/englishChristmasSATBSopranoa Cappella
AnonE la don don, Verges MariaGreenberg, Noah (Ed)AnonSpanish/englishChristmasSATBPercussion
AnonRiu, Riu, ChiuGreenberg, N. (Ed)Creekmore, HSpanishChristmasSATBPiano
AnonFlow gently, sweet AftonRoberton, Hugh SBurns, RobertEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonOver the MountainsWilkinson, Philip G.EnglishFolkSATBSATB (opt)Piano
AnonIf Ye Would HearTomanek, GodreyEnglishChristmasSATBOrgan
AnonThree English CarolsWalter, LanaEnglishChristmas - collectionSAaltoPiano, flute & percussion
AnonMinoi, MinoiMarshall, ChristopherSamoanFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonDeep RiverRoberton, Hugh SEnglishSpiritualSSAa Cappella
AnonGolden SlumbersMewton, FrederickEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonGospel Train, TheLoam, A. S.Spiritual, N.EnglishSpiritualSATB
AnonHo-Ro, My Nut Brown MaidenDenniss, A WrightBlackie, J SEnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonLast Rose of Summer, TheHill, A.Thomas MooreEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
AnonLo, Now a RoseWheeler, A.EnglishChristmasSATBPiano
AnonO Peter, Go Ring Dem BellsLoam, AspiritualEnglishSpiritualSATBa Cappella
AnonTrue LoveAbt, F.Chezy/LennoxGerman/EnglishFolkSATBPiano
AnonTurn Ye to MeDenniss, A WEnglishFolk2-part plus descantPiano
AnonArirangPoorman & LimEnglishFolkSSAPiano & Flute
AnonHava NageelaGoldman, MauriceHebrew or EnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonIssay, Issay!Kern, PhilipEnglish & EthiopianChristmasSATBPiano
AnonMedley ChristmasHoward, RonEnglishChristmasSSAPiano
AnonSimple GiftsStrommen, CarlEnglishFolkSSAPiano
AnonFour Australian Folk SongsKay, DonEnglishFolkSSAa Cappella
AnonWho Killed Cock RobinDe Cormier, REnglishFolkSATBsmall solos 1-7a Cappella
AnonMinstrel Boy, TheParker, A.Thomas MooreEnglishFolkSATBHarp or Piano
AnonMy Lagan LoveErb, J.EnglishFolkSATBBaritone/Mezzoa Cappella
AnonAnd The Trees Do MoanGaul, HarveyEnglishChristmasSATBOrgan/Piano
AnonQuick! We Have But a SecondStanford, C.VilliersMoore, TEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
Arcadelt, J.White Breasted Lovely swan, TheEnglish/ItalianSecularSATBPiano
ArkadeltAtterburyNow Spring in all her glory; Come, let us all a Maying goEnglishSecularSATB
Arlen, HaroldStormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All the Time)Lojeski, EdKoehler, TedEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Arlen, Harold & Koehler, TedGet HappyKern, PhilipEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Artmann, RuthWhere Go the Boats?Stevenson, R.LEnglishSecularSSAPiano, flute and bells
Atkinson, E JFruits of the Selfless HeartMother Teresa of CalcuttaEnglishSacredSSAASoprano, altoa Cappella
Averre, Richard E.Did Mary Know?EnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Bach, J SJesu, Joy of man's desireEnglish/GermanSacredSATBPiano
Bach, J SBreezy Bach (Air form Suite no 3)Williams, T.NoneVocaliseSecularSSAString Bass and snare
Bach, J SDer Herr Segne Euch/ May God Smile on YouGermanSacredTBOrgan/Piano
Bach, J SLobet den Herrn, alle Heiden (Psalm 117)German or EnglishSacredSATBcontinuo
Bach, J SLaud and Praise to Highest Heaven (Ruft und fleht den Himmel an)German or EnglishSacredSAKeyboard
Bach, J SKantate nr 147 (BWV 147)Sacred - cantatainstrumental parts
Bach, J SJesus Bleibet Meine Freude from Cantata 147Kocx, F.GermanSacredTTBBPiano
Bach, J SBe not afraid (Furchte durch nicht)English/GermanSecularSATB double choira Cappella
Bach, J SEin Feste Burg ist unser gott (BWV 80)Sacred - cantatainstrumental parts
Bach, J SKantate nr 140 (BWV 140)Sacred - cantatainstrumental parts
Bach, J SMass in F major (BWV 233)Latin MassLatinSacredSATBSABOrgan/Piano
Bach, J SGood Fellows Be Merry from Peasant CantataDuey, PhilipEnglishSecularTTBBPiano
Bach, J SBourree For Bach (from 2nd English Suite)Williams, Bsyllablesmixed voicesSATBString Bass, Snare Drum
Bach, J SCantata No.213 (Lasst uns Sorgen, Lasst uns Wachen)English/GermanMixed VoicesSATBSATBPiano
Bach, J SDer Geist hilft unser Schwachheit aufGermanMixed VoicesSATB double choira Cappella
Bach, J SEin Feste Burg ist unser gott (BWV 80)German, EnglishSacred - cantataSATBSATBPiano
Bach, J SKomm, Jesu KommGermanSacredSATB double choira Cappella
Bach, J SMass in B Minorinstrumental parts
Bach, J SMass in B minorLatinSacredSATBSATBPiano
Bach, J SWachet auf, ruft uns die stimme (BWV 140)English/GermanSacred - cantataSATBSTBPiano
Bach, J. ChristophNight of Wonder (Holde, hohe Wundernacht)Herder, J.GEnglish/GermanChristmasSATBOrgan/Piano
Baksa, R.O Mistress MineShakespeareEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Banks, D.Findings KeepingsLimericks (Unknown)EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Bantock, GMarch of the Cameron menCampbell, Mary MEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Bantock, GTo the Evening StarBlake, WEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Barber, SamuelSure On This Shining NightCrocker, EmilyAgee, JamesEnglishSecularSAPiano
Barber, SamuelAgnus Dei (Adagio for Strings)Latin from massLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Barber, SamuelCoolin from Reincarnations, TheStephensEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Barber, SamuelUnder The Willow Tree (from Vanessa)Menotti, Gian CarloEnglishOpera chorusSATBsoloPiano
Bartok, BelaDon't Leave Me!English, French or GermanSecularSAPiano
Bartok, BelaOnly Tell Metrans: Herzog, EEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Bartok, BelaWooing of a Girl, Thetrans: Bush, NEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Beach, AmyCome unto These Yellow SandsShakespeare, WEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Beach, AmyOver Hill, Over DaleShakespeare, WEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Beach, AmyThrough the House Give Glimmering LightShakespeare, WEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Beethoven, Ludwig vanElegischer Gesang (Elegy) (op 113 or 118)German unknown/English TranslationGerman/EnglishSecularSATBString Quartet
Beethoven, Ludwig vanCreation's Hymntrans: TroutbeckEnglishSacredSATBBPiano
Beethoven, Ludwig VanElegischer Gesanginstrumental parts
Beethoven, Ludwig vanHallelujah (from Mount of Olives)EnglishSacredSATBPiano
Beethoven, Ludwig vanCalm Sea & A Prosperous Voyage, AGoethe trans: TroutbeckEnglishSecularSATBPiano/Orchestra
Benjamin, ArthurNightingale LaneSharp, WillliamEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Berio, L.MagnificatLatin/Sacred textLatinSacredSATBPiano / 2 and Percussion
Berkowitz, S.Add a RiffJazz syllablesNoneSecularSATBPiano
Berlin, I.Say It With MusicRingwald, R.Berlin, IEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Berlin, I.White ChristmasRingwald, R.Berlin, IEnglishChristmasSATBPiano 4 hands
Berlin, I.SistersShaw, K.Berlin, IEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Berlioz, H.Shepherd's Farewell to the Holy FamilyEng version by Paul englandEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Bernie, B., Pinkard, M. & Casey, K.Sweet Georgia BrownArtman, RuthEnglishPopularTBBPiano
Bernstein, LeonardChichester PsalmsHebrew of ScriptureHebrewSacredSATBChild soloPercussion
Bernstein, LeonardGloria TibiLatinSacredSATenorPiano & Bongo
Bernstein, LeonardMissa brevisLatin of MassLatinSacredSAATBBPercussion
Bernstein, LeonardSomewhereJonson, WilliamSondheim, StephenEnglishMusical TheatreSSAPiano
Bernstein, LeonardTonightStickles, WilliamSondheim, StephenEnglishMusical TheatreSSAPiano
Bernstein, LeonardSomething's Coming / TonightLojeski, EdSondheim, StephenEnglishMusical TheatreSSAPiano
Bernstein, LeonardSomething's Coming / TonightLojeski, EdSondheim, StephenEnglishMusical TheatreSATBPiano
Besig, D.Take These WingsKupferschmid, SEnglishPopularSSAPiano (opt. Flute)
Bestor, K.Prayer of the ChildrenKlouse, AndreaBestor, KurtEnglishSacredTTBBa Cappella
Bhraonain, Eithe Ni; Ryan, Nicky & Ryan, RomaMay It BeBrymer, MarkEnglish and ElvishPopularSSAPiano
Biebl, F.Ave MariaLatinLatinSacredSATB double choirSATa Cappella
Billings, WilliamWhen Jesus WeptWagner, Douglas EEnglishSacredSAPiano
Bizet, GeorgesValse avec choeurFrench text by RichterFrench/EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Blow, J.Saluator mundiLatinLatinSacredSSATBOrgan
Bojesen, MichaelEternityHeiberg, Ellen; trans: Freeman, LisaEnglishSecularSSA+SSA+SAPiano
Borodin, AChoral Dance no 17 from Prince IgorNewmarch, RosaEnglishOperaSAPiano
Borodin, A.Choral Dance from Prince IgorEnglish by Newmarsh, R.)EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Borwick, SusanAnd Ain't I A Woman!Sojourner TruthEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Boyd, AnneAs I Crossed a Bridge of DreamsVowelsJapanese VowelsSacred/Australian3 part SATBa Cappella
Brahe, MayBless This HouseSamuelson, ArvidTaylor, HelenEnglishSacredSAPiano
Brahms, J.Christmas Lullaby, ASuchoff, BenjaminGeibel (BS)English/GermanChristmasSATBPiano
Brahms, J.Canons for Women's Voices, Op.113Goethe et alia (English version - Lunn, JeanEnglishSecularSSA, SSAA & SSSSAAa Cappella
Brahms, J.Four Songs for Women's Chorus, 2 Horns + Harp Op17Ruperti, et aliaEnglish/GermanSecularSSA & SSAATwo Horns and Harp (Piano)
Brahms, J.New Love-Song WaltzesWhittaker, W GilliesLatham, Albert GEnglishSong CycleSSAvocal parts only
Brahms, J.How Lovely are Thy DwellingsWest, J E (ed)EnglishSacredSATBPiano
Brahms, J.Songs of Love (Liebeslieder)RotheryEnglishSecularSATBPiano Duet
Brahms, J.Die Meere (The Sea)Carl, R (English translation)German/EnglishSecularSAPiano
Brahms, J.Liebeslieder Walzer (Lovesong Waltzes)Shaw, Robert (ed)DaumerGerman or EnglishCycleSATBPiano 4 hands
Brahms, J.Ave MariaLatinSacredSSAAPiano
Brahms, J.RequiemPiano four hands
Brahms, J.Four Songs for Women's Chorus, 2 Horns + Harp Op17Harp & Horns parts
Brahms, J.Falcon, The (Der Falke)Greyson, NormanKapper, SiegfriedEnglish or GermanSecularSATBa Cappella
Brahms, JohannesNänie/NeniaSchillerGerman/EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Brahms, JohannesAn die Hiemat (To my Homeland)SternayGerman/EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Brahms, JohannesUnsere Vater Hofften auf DichGermanSacredSATB double choira Cappella
Brahms, JohannesWenn ein Starker GewappneterGermanSacredSATB double choira Cappella
Brahms, JohannesWo ist ein so Herrlich VolkGermanSacredSATB double choira Cappella
Britten, BenjaminJubilate DeoEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Britten, BenjaminBoy was Born, AEnglishSSAATTBBa Cappella
Britten, BenjaminHymn to the Virgin, AEnglishChristmasSATB double chorusa Cappella
Britten, BenjaminCeremony of Carols, AOld EnglishChristmas - major workSSA2 sopranosHarp
Britten, BenjaminHymn to St. CeciliaAudenEnglishSSATBa Cappella
Britten, BenjaminRejoice in the LambSmartEnglishSATBSATBOrgan
Britten, BenjaminSt. NicholasCrozier, EricEnglishCantataSATB & treble chorusTenorOrchestral
Britten, BenjaminSt. NicholasOldham, Arthur (vocal score)Crozier, EricEnglishCantataSATB & treble chorusTenorOrchestra
Bruckner, A.Ave MariaLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Bruckner, A.Geistliche ChoreLatinSATBa Cappella
Brumby, ColinCarol Book, TheVariousEnglishChristmasunison/SSAyesPiano
Brumby, ColinRound Book, TheEnglishSecular(any)a Cappella
Brumby, ColinCome, Bring with a NoiseEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Brumby, ColinMagnificat & Nunc DimittisEnglishSacredSSAOrgan
Brumby, ColinGive Judgement for Me, O LordEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Bullard, AlanGloria Tibi DomineEnglish & LatinChristmasSSPiano
Burt, Alfred S.Alfred Burt Carols, The (set 1)Burt, B and Hutson, WEnglishChristmasSATBDescanta Cappella
Burt, Alfred S.Alfred Burts Carols, The (Set 1)Ades, HawleyEnglishChristmas - collectionSSAopt Piano
Burwell, C.Sweet LorraineDiekema, W.& Brennan, B.Parish, MEnglishBarbershop QuartetTTBBa Cappella
Buxtehude, DietrichLittle Newborn Jesus Child, The (Das Neugeborne Kindelein)Ehret, WalterEnglish or GermanChristmasSATBOrgan
Byrd, WilliamHaec DiesChurch Latin & English trans.English/LatinSacredSSATTBa Cappella
Byrd, WilliamEarl of Salibury Carol, TheGraves, R.BalletEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Caccini, FAure VolantiSaracinelli, FItalianSecularSSA3 Flutes
Caccini, GiulioAve MariaLiebergen, Patrick MLatinSacredSAPiano, Flute
Caccini, GuilioAmarilliBrumby, ColinItalianSATBa Cappella
CaldaraCrucifixusChurch LatinLatinSacred16 part SATBa Cappella
CarilloYellow DaysMetisEnglish by Bernstein, A. & Spanish by CarilloEnglish/SpanishPopular/SecularSATBPiano
CarissimiPlorate filii IsraelEnglish by Troutbeck, J. Latin unknownEnglish/LatinSacredSSATTBa Cappella
Carmichael, H.SkylarkLuboff, N.Mercer, JEnglishPopularSSATTBBPiano
Carmichael, H.SkylarkHuff, MacMercer, JohnnyEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Carmichael, MaryA Poor Soul Sat SighingShakespeareEnglishSecularSAPiano
Carmichael, MaryTake, Oh Take Those Lips AwayShakespeareEnglishSecularSAPiano
Carroll, HarryI'm Always Chasing RainbowsShaw, KirbyEnglishPopularSSAAa Cappella
Cary, TristramTwo Nativity SongsLatinChristmasSATBSoprano, Tenor, Bassa Cappella
Casals, P.EucaristaSpanish/EnglishSacredUnisonOrgan/Piano
Casals, P.O vos OmnesBiblical – Lamentations 1:12& English trans by SterneEnglish/LatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Casals, P.Salve MonserratinaChurch Latin & English trans. By MillerEnglish/LatinSacredSATBOrgan
Casals, P.Nigra SumSterne, K (english versionLatin/EnglishSacredSSAPiano
Chatman, StephenThere Is Sweet Music HereTennysonEnglishSecularSATBOboe
Cherubini, L.Like As a FatherPsalm 103:13EnglishSacredSSAPiano
Cherubini. L.Sanctus (Holy, Holy) from RequiemHines, RobertMassLatinSacredTTBBPiano
Churchill, F.Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Woolf?Miller, C.Sfrom Disney's ' The Three Little Pigs'EnglishSecularSAPiano
Clark, RudyShoop Shoop Song, The (It's In His Kiss)Emerson, RogerEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Clausen, R.Set me as a SealBiblical – Song of SolomonEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Clesi, N.J.I'm Sorry I Made You CryEmbury, PhilEnglishBarbershop QuartetTTBBa Cappella
ColahanGalway BoyEvansUnknownEnglishSecularSATBUnknown
Coleman, CyBig Spender (From Sweet Charity)Huff, MacFields, DorothyEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Coleridge-TaylorHiawathaLongfellow, H.W.EnglishSecularSATBSATBPiano
Coleridge-TaylorHiawatha's wedding feastLongfellow, H.W.EnglishSecularSATBSATBPiano
Coleridge-TaylorTale of old Japan, ANoyes, A.EnglishSecularSATBSATBPiano
Coleridge-Taylor, SFrom the Green Heart of the WatersPhillips, StephenEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Connor, TommieI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausHuff, MacConnor, TommieEnglishChristmasSSAPiano
ConteAve MariaChurch LatinLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Cook, M.West Sussex Drinking SongBelloc, HilaireEnglishSecularTTBBa Cappella
Coots, J FredSanta Claus Is Comin' To TownBesig, DonGillespire, HavenEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Copland, AaronChing-A-Ring ChawFine, IrvingEnglishFolkSSAAPiano
Cornelius, PeterThree Kings, TheKlein, M (ed)Klein, MaynardEnglishChristmasSATBBaritone or altoa Cappella
Cornelius, PeterDie KonigeJochum, O.GermanChristmasSATBSopranoa Cappella
Cowen, F HResting (Songs of the River no.3)Oxenford, EdwardEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Croce, J.I'll Have to Say I Love You in a SongMetis, F.Croce, JEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Croce, J.Time in a bottleMetis, F.Croce, J.EnglishPopularSATBPiano
Curtright, CaroleeIrish BlessingIrish BlessingEnglishSacredSATBPiano
Daley, EleanorRed, Red Rose, ABurns, REnglishSecularSSAPiano
Daley, EleanorUbi CaritasEnglish and LatinSacredSSAAa Cappella
Daley, EleanorWhat Sweeter MusicHerrick, REnglishChristmasSSAPiano
Dargomijsky, A.Vanka 'N' TankaCampbell-Watson, F.Basy,EnglishSecularSSASoprano & Altoa Cappella
Davis, B.& Akst, H.Baby FaceStephens, D.Davis & AkstEnglishBarbershop QuartetTTBBa Cappella
Dawson, W.Behold The StarEnglishChristmasSATBSopranoa Cappella
Dawson, W.Hail MaryDawsonEnglishSpiritualSATBAltoa Cappella
Dawson, W.Mary Had a BabyEnglishChristmasSATBSopranoa Cappella
Dawson, William LAin'-a That Good News!EnglishGospelSSAAa Cappella
Dawson, William LI Wan' To Be ReadyEnglishGospelSSAASAPiano
De Cormier, RobertChristmas is ComingAnonEnglishChristmasSATBchoral parts
Debussy, C.Trois ChansonsD'Orleans, C./Cox, N.English/FrenchSecularSATBa Cappella
Deering, R.Factum est SilentiumChurch LatinLatinSacredSSAATBa Cappella
del Aguila, MiguelAve Maria op 100LatinSacredSSAPiano or Harp
Delibes, L.Messe BreveKrunnfusz, D (Ed)LatinSacredSSKeyboard
Delius, F.Once PaumanokWhitman, W.EnglishSecularSATBBaritonePiano
Dello Joio, N.Come to me my loveRossetti, C.EnglishSecularSATBUnknown
Dello Joio, N.Take our HandAdapted by Dello JoioEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Dello Joio, N.Dalliance of Eagles, TheWhitman, WaltEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Denver, J.Perhaps LoveFry, G.Denver, JEnglishPopularSATBPiano, guitar, bass and drums
DeVorzon B. And Botkin, PBless the Beasts and the ChildrenSnyder, A.DeVorzon and BotkinEnglishPopularSAPiano
DeWitt, P.Sailor's Song, TheDeWitt, PEnglishSecularTTBa Cappella
Diack, J.M..Little Jack HornerUnknownEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Diemer, E.LShepherd to His Love, TheMarlowe, CEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Diemer, E.LThree MadrigalsShakespeareEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Dillworth, RolloJonahDillworth, RolloEnglishGospelSSAPiano
Dillworth, RolloJordan's AngelsDillworth, RolloEnglishGospelSSAPiano
Distler, HugoChristmas Story, TheKlein, MaynardMKEnglishChristmasSATB2T, 2S, 2Ba Cappella
Donaldson, W.Yes Sir, That's My BabyBaird, J.Kahn, GEnglishBarbershop QuartetTTBBa Cappella
Donaldson, W.Yes Sir, That's My BabyRodby, W.Kahn, G.EnglishPopularSATBPiano
Douglas, BillDeep PeaceGaelic blessingEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Douglas, BillVoices of Children, TheBlake, WilliamEnglishSecularSAAa Cappella
Douglas, WilliamAnnie LaurieKubik, GailScott, Lady JohnEnglishFolkSAATTBBa Cappella
Dubbs, K.Night out for Dobbin, A (Jingle bells)EnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Dumitrescu, GabrielNani, raza mea de soareGonciu, EmilRomanianSecularSSAa Cappella
Dumont, F.Nunc DimittisLatinSacredSSAa Cappella
Dumont, F.Australian Carol, AnFrances, MEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Durufle, MauriceRequiemChurch LatinLatinSacredSATBMezzo -Soprano & BassOrgan or Piano
Durufle, MauriceUbi CaritasLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Edlund, LarsChoral Studiesvariousstudiesa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardDance, The (from the Barvarian Highlands)Elgar, A.EnglishFolk themesSATBPiano
Elgar, EdwardLullabyElgar, A.EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardSnow, TheElgar, AEnglishSecularSSAPiano and 2 Violins
Elgar, EdwardAs Torrents In SummerLongfellow, H WEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Elgar, EdwardAs Torrents in Summer (from Cantata King Olaf)LongfellowEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Elgar, EdwardEarly Part-Songs Booklet 1890-1891 (4 songs)Elgar, A.(1)/Maquarie, A.(2)/Lang, A.(3)/Unknown(4EnglishSecularSATBA Cappella/Orchestra(for song 4)
Elgar, EdwardFive Unaccompanied Part-Songs BookletVaughan, H.(1,2)/Newmarch, R.(3,4&5)EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardFly, Singing BirdElgar, AliceEnglishSecularSSAPiano, Violins
Elgar, EdwardFountain, TheVaughan, HenryEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardFour Unaccompanied Part -Songs BookletTennyson(1)/Byron(2)/Shelley(3)/Elgar???(4)EnglishSecularSSAATTBB(1)/SATB(2,3,4)a Cappella
Elgar, EdwardIt's Oh! To be a Wild WindGreek Anthology Trans. By MardingeEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardLater Part-Songs, The 1902-1925 (3 Songs)Brown, T.(1)/Patmore, C.(2)/De La More, W.(3)???EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardO Happy EyesElgar, A.EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardSerenadeNewmarch, R.EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardThree Unaccompanied Part-Songs BookletCalvacant, G.(1)/Lynch, T.(2)/Gascoigne, G.(3)EnglishSecularSAATTB(1)/SATB(2,3)a Cappella
Elgar, EdwardWeary Wind of the WestBrown, T.EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Elgar, EdwardLand of Hope and GloryBenson, A.EnglishSecularSATBAccompanied
Ellington, DukeI Let A Song Go Out Of My HeartCassey, C.Mills, Nemo, RedmondEnglishPopularSATBPiano, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Encina, Juan delHoy Comamos Y BebamosMochnik, J VSpanishmixed voicesSATBvariousRecorder, Percussion
Encina, Juan delQu'es de ti, de sconsolado / Levant, Pascual, levantaEncina trans: Nin-CulmellSpanishSecularSTBa Cappella
Enkhbayar, SeNaiman Sharag (The Eight Chestnut Horses)NasunMongolianSecularSATBtenora Cappella
Enkhbayar, SeZeregleent Gobi (Mirage on the Gobi Desert)NasunMongolianSecularSATBsopranoa Cappella
Escalada, OscarMudanzas (Variations on the Malambo)Escalada, OscarSpanishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Evans, L.Jack and Jill JazzEnglishPopularSABPiano
Evans, LindleyAustralia, Happy IsleStreet, Jessie M GEnglishPatrioticSATBPiano
Faure, GabrielCantique de Jean RacineRutter, JohnFrench or EnglishSacredSSAAOrgan or Piano
Faure, GabrielRequiemChurch LatinLatinSacredSATBSoprano, BaritoneOrchestra reduction
Faure, GabrielCantique de Jean RacineScott, K. LeeEnglish text by K.L.SEnglish/FrenchSacredTTBBPiano (optional violin)
Faure, GabrielRequiem op 48Rutter (ed)LatinSacred - major workSATBSoprano, BaritoneOrgan
Faure, GabrielAve MariaLatin or EnglishSacredSAPiano or Organ
Faure, GabrielCantique de Jean RacineFrench or EnglishSacredSATBPiano
Faure, GabrielPavaneRao, DoreensyllablesSecularUnisonPiano
Faure, GabrielRequiemRutter, John (ed)instrumental parts
Fields and McHughI Can't Give You Anything But LoveRutherford, P.Fields and McHughEnglishPopularSATBPiano (Instrumental Ens Parts in separate box)
Finzi, G.All This NightAustin, WilliamEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Finzi, G.God Is Gone UpTaylor, EdwardEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
FissingerBy the Waters of BabylonPsalm 137 in EnglishEnglishSacredSATBSopranoa Cappella
Fissinger, EdwinLamb, TheBlake, WilliamEnglishSacredSSAPiano (Strings)
Flanders, M and Horovitz, JCaptain Noah and His Floating ZooEnglishSacredSSvariousPiano
Floyd, A.EThere is a Secret Place of RestEnglishSacredSSPiano
Forrest, DanSelahHebrewSacredSATBSoprano, Tenora Cappella
Foster, S.Oh! SusannaParker, A. & Shaw, R.Foster, SEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
Fox, C.Killing me softly with his songMetis, F.Gimbel, N.EnglishPopularSATBPiano, Guitar, Bass
Franck, CesarPanis AngelicusLeavitt, JohnLatinSacred2-partPiano
Franck, CesarPanis Angelicus (O Lord Most Holy)Mayship, ArthurLatin or EnglishSacredSATBsopranoOrgan or Piano
Gabrieli, GiovanniJubilate DeoChurch LatinLatinSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Gabrieli, GiovanniKyrie and Gloria (Sacrae Symphoniae 1597)Henson, B (ed)LatinSacredSATBSATBSATBa Cappella
Gabrieli, GiovanniO Jesu Mi Dulcissime (from Symphoniae Sacrae book 2)Woodworth, G W (ed)LatinSacredSATBSATBOrgan
Gade, N.Approach of Spring, TheCoursen, EEnglishSecularSSAAPiano Duet
Gallus, J.Ab Oriente Venerunt MagiHess, RLatinChristmasSATBPiano
Galuppi, B.Dixit DominusPsalm 110LatinSacredSSAAPiano
Galuppi, BaldassareDixit Dominusstring/continuo parts
Garcia, GaryThere Is No RoseEnglishChristmasSATBPiano or Organ
Garland, J.In the MoodSterling, R.Garland, JEnglishPopularSABPiano
Gawthrop, Daniel ESing Me To HeavenGriner, JaneEnglishSacredSSAAa Cappella
Genée, RichardItalian SaladItalianSecularSATBbaritonea Cappella
Gershwin, GeorgeSomeone to Watch Over MeChinn, T.Gershwin, IraEnglishPopularSATBa Cappella
Gershwin, GeorgeClap Yo' HandsKing, P.Gershwin, IraEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Gershwin, GeorgeEmbraceable YouChinn, T.Gershwin, IraEnglishPopularSATBa Cappella
Gershwin, GeorgeFascinating RhythmBlackleyGershwin, IraEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Gershwin, GeorgeI Got RhythmWarnick, C.Gershwin, IraEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Gershwin, GeorgeSing of SpringSmith, G. (ed.)EnglishPopularSSAATTBBPiano
Gershwin, GeorgeEmbraceable YouAlthouse, JayGershwin, IraEnglishPopularSSAAPiano
Gibbons, OrlandoCries of London, TheStevens, Denis (ed)EnglishSecularSATTBstrings, opt keyboard
Gibbons, OrlandoAlmighty and Everlasting GodGoldman, Maurice (ed)Book of Common PrayerEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Gibbons, OrlandoSilver Swan, TheDeller, Mark (ed)EnglishSecularSATTBa Cappella
Gilbert, NormanPuer NatusEnglishChristmasSSA & UnisonPiano
Ginastera, AlbertoLamentaciones de Jeremias Propheta (Lamentations of Jeremiah)LatinSacred - major workSSAATTBBa Cappella
Giordano, UO Pastorelle, Addio (Now is the time for PartingSerposs, Emile HItalian or EnglishOperaSSAPiano
Giordano, UNow Must We Say Our FarewellEhret, WalterEnglish or ItalianOperaSSAPiano
Goffin, G and King, CarolTake Good Care of My BabyBillingsley, A.Goffin, G and King, CarolEnglishPopularTTBPiano
Goodall, HowardIn Memoriam Anne FrankRossetti, Christina; Stevenson, Robert Louis; Lovelace, RichardEnglishSecularSS / SATBPiano
Goodall, HowardLove DivineWesley, CharlesEnglishSacredSSAAOrgan or Piano
Goodchild, AntonineMemorareLatinSacredSSAa Cappella
Gordon, IrvingUnforgettableShaw, KirbyEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Gorecki, H MTotus TuusLatinSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Gounod, CharlesFaustEnglish, ItalianSecularSSAATTBBPiano
Gounod, CharlesFaust (choruses only)English, ItalianSecularSSAATTBB(not included)
Grainger, P.A.Australian up-country songUnknownEnglishAustralianSATBa Cappella
Grainger, P.A.Fall of the Stone, TheKiplingEnglishSecularSATB (Vocal & Piano score only)Assorted Intruments
Grainger, P.A.Sussex Mummers' Christmas CarolPerna, DanahummingChristmasSAATBBa Cappella
Gray, Ruth MNo Thank You, JohnRossetti, Christina EnglishSecularSSAAPiano
Green, J.Body and SoulMattson, P.Heyman, Sour and EytonEnglishPopularSATBAltoPiano, Bass and Drums
Gross, E.Ding, Dong, BellShakespeareEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Gruber, FranzSilent NightDienes, KatherineMohr, JosephEnglishChristmasSSSAASSSa Cappella
Gruber, FranzStille Nacht!Carter, AndrewMohr, JosephGermanChristmasSATBa Cappella
Hamilton, ArthurCry Me A RiverShaw, KirbyHamilton, ArthurEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Hamilton, D.3 Songs from 'Othello'ShakespeareEnglishSecularSSATBa Cappella
Hamilton, D.Caliban's SongShakespeareEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Hamilton, D.Lux AeternaLatin Requeim MassLatinSacredSSAATBa Cappella
Hamilton, DavidMy Master Hath a GardenTradEnglishSSAAFlutea Cappella
Handel, G.F.Coronation Anthem no. 3 (My heart is inditing)Herrmann, W. (Ed)Psalm: 45,1,9,11EnglishSacredSAATBSolo quartetOrgan/Piano
Handel, G.F.Coronation Anthem no. 4 (Let Thy Hand be Strengthened)Herrmann, W. (Ed)Psalm: 89,13,14EnglishSacredSAATBOrgan/Piano
Handel, G.F.Funeral Anthem for Queen CarolineHerrmann, W. (Ed)UnknownEnglishSacredSATBOptional Solo quartetOrgan/Piano
Handel, G.F.Hallelujah Chorus from 'The Messiah'UnknownEnglishSacredSATBPiano & Orchestral
Handel, G.F.Dixit dominusShaw, Watkins (ed.)Psalm 110LatinSacredSSATBSSATBPiano
Handel, G.F.MessiahWatkins Shaw (Ed)Selected from Holy Scripture by Jennens, C.EnglishSacredSATBSATBOrchestral
Handel, G.F.Joy To The WorldParker, A. & Shaw, R.Watts, IsaacEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Handel, G.F.SaulEnglishOratorioSATBSATBPiano
Handel, G.F.Coronation Anthem no. 2 (The King Shall Rejoice)instrumental parts
Handel, G.F.Coronation Anthem no. 3 (My heart is inditing)instrumental parts
Handel, G.F.Coronation Anthem no. 4 (Let Thy Hand be Strengthened)instrumental parts
Handel, G.F.SaulProut, Einstrumental parts
Handel, G.F.Zadok the Priestinstrumental parts
Handel, G.F.Glory to GodLuke 11-14EnglishChristmasSATBOrgan/Piano
Handel, G.F.Lascia Ch'io PiangaLeck, HenryItalianOperaSSAPiano
Handel, G.F.Zadok The Priest (Coronation Anthem no. 1)EnglishSacredSSAATBBPiano
Handel, G.F.Coronation Anthem no. 2 (The King Shall Rejoice)UnknownEnglishSacredSATBPiano
Handel, G.F.O God, who in Thy Heav'nly HandMalin, D. (Ed)UnknownEnglishSacredSATBOrgan/Piano
Handel, G.F.Ode fur den Geburtstag der Konigin Anna (Birthday Ode for Queen Anne)Based on text of Halle Handel EditionEnglish/GermanSecularSATB continuoOboe 1&2, Viola 1&2
Handel, G.F.O Lovely PeaceJenkins, CyrilEnglishSacred2-partPiano
Handel, G.F.Where'er You WalkBatchelor, PhyllisPope, AlexanderEnglishSecular2-partPiano
Hasse, Johann AdolfMiserere Mei, Deus (from Miserere in D minor)Hunter (ed)Psalm 51LatinSacredSSAAKeyboard
Haydn, Franz JosephGrosse Orgelmesse in E flatinstrumental parts
Haydn, Franz JosephHaydn SeekBeahm, JacquelynBeahm, JacquelynEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Haydn, Franz JosephMissa Brevis in F (Jugendmesse)Moder, RichardLatinMass settingSATBchoral parts only
Haydn, Franz JosephMass In B Flat (Theresienmesse)Herrmann, W. (Ed)LatinMass settingSATBSATBPiano reduction
Haydn, Franz JosephGrosse Orgelmesse in E flatStrassl, AloisLatinMass settingSATBSATBOrgan & Orchestra
Haydn, Franz JosephAchieved Is The Glorious WorkEnglishOratorioSATBPiano
Haydn, MichaelRequiem in C MinorNagy, Oliver (ed)LatinMass settingSATBSATBPiano reduction
Head, M.Ave MariaLatinSacredSSAPiano
Head, M.Ships of ArcadyEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Hogan, MosesGlory, Glory, Glory to the Newborn KingHogan, M.EnglishChristmasSATB divtenor or sopranoa Cappella
Hogan, MosesI Want To Thank You, LordHarlan, B.Hogan, M.EnglishSpiritualSATBSoprano & Tenora Cappella
Hogan, MosesI'm Gonna Sing 'Til The Spirit Moves In My HeartHogan, M.EnglishSpiritualSATBTenora Cappella
Hogan, MosesI Am His ChildEnglishSpiritualSSAPiano
Holland, DulcieAlleluiaalleluiaSacredSATBa Cappella
Holland, DulcieSounds and SilenceWilcher, PEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Holst, GustavTerly TerlowEnglishChristmasSATBOboe, Cello
Holst, GustavChoral Hymns from the Rig Veda (Third Group)EnglishSacredSSAAHarp or Piano
Holst, GustavSweet and LowTennysonEnglishSSAAa Cappella
Holst, GustavTears, Idle TearsTennysonEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Holst, GustavIn The Bleak MidwinterSchram, R ERossetti, C.EnglishChristmasSSAPiano
Hopkins, S.Two Kyries from the Winds of HeavenLatin/EnglishSacred9 and 7 treble partsa Cappella
Hovland, EgilSaulEnglishSacredSATBNarratorOrgan
Howells, HerbertSpotless Rose, AEnglishChristmasSATBBaritonea Cappella
Howells, HerbertRequiemEnglishMass settingSATBa Cappella
Howells, HerbertTake Him, Earth, For CherishingPrudentiusEnglishSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Howells, HerbertHere is the Little DoorChesterton, FEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Hutchens, FrankHeritageDavis, NormaEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Ireland, JohnGreater love hath no manEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Ives, Charles ECircus BandDashnaw, AlexanderEnglishSecularSSSATTBBPiano 4 hands
Jenkyns, PeterRumbaJenkyns, PeterEnglishSecularSSAchoral parts
Jennings, K.Calm, on the Listening Ear of NightSears, E.HEnglishChristmasSATBFlute/Oboe/Piano
Jennings, KennethSing LegatoEnglishEducationalunisonPiano
Joel, BillyAnd So It GoesShaw, K.Joel, BillyEnglishPopularSSAAa Cappella
Joel, BillyLullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)Huff, MacJoel, BillyEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Johansson, BengtTomb at Akr Caar, ThePound, EzraEnglishMixed voicesSATBBassa Cappella
Johnson, KevinKyrieAncient GreekSacredSSAAmezzoPiano
Johnson, LaneSail Away With MeEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Johnson, Victor CSet Me As A SealBiblical – Song of SolomonEnglishSacredSSAPiano
Josquin DespresAve Verum CorpusUnknownEnglish/LatinSacredSABPiano
Joubert, JohnTorchesTrend, J BEnglishChristmasSATBOrgan
Kelly, BryanBirds, TheDearmer, PercyEnglishChristmasSSAPiano
Kemner, GeraldReturning HomeCiardi, JohnEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Kennedy-Fraser, M.Eriskay Love Lilt, AnRoberton, Hugh SMacleod, KGaelic/EnglishSecularTTBBa Cappella
Kern, JeromeCan't Help Lovin' Dat ManLeavitt, JohnHammerstein, O.EnglishPopularSSAPiano
Klouse, A.All I Want for Christmas is a DinosaurEnglishPopularSAPiano
Knox, S. and Hale, T.W.Why Haven't I Heard From youHuff, MacKnox and HaleEnglishPopularSSA2 SopranoPiano
Kocsar, MiklosCat and Dog (Two Children's Choruses)EnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Kodaly, Z.Angels and the Shepherds, TheLockwood, Elizabeth MEnglishChristmasSA/SSAa Cappella
Kodaly, Z.Missa BrevisLatinMass settingSATB3 sopranosOrgan
Kodaly, Z.Mountain Nights 1noneSecularSSAa Cappella
Kodaly, Z.Wainamoinen makes music!Kirby, W FEnglishSecularSSAAHarp (or piano)
Kodaly, ZoltanNorwegian Girls (Sandor Weores)English - Bush, Nancy after translation by Matyas SeiberEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Kunz, J.Love Songs are More BeautifulKunz,JEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Laburda, JiríChildren's Choruses from CzechoslavakiaBursik, JosefEnglishSecularssaopt Piano
Lai, F.Man and Woman, AKerr, A.Keller, JEnglishPopularSATBPiano (opt guitar, bass and drums)
Lambert, ConstantRio Grande, TheSitwell, SacheverellEnglish or GermanSecularSATBaltoOrchestra, Piano
Larsen, LibbySettling Years, TheEnglishSong CycleSATBwhistler, whooper, rowdyPiano, Wind Quintet
Lasso, Orlando diBig Fat Goose, The (Audite Nova)Mason, G M (ed)Latin or EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Lasso, Orlando diMatona, Lovely Maiden (Matonia, mia cara)Italian or EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Lassus, Orlando DeGood Day, My Dear (Bonjour, mon coeur)Greyson, NormanRonsard, PierreEnglish or FrenchMadrigalSSAa Cappella
Laster, James HWalkin' Round HeavenEnglishSpiritualSSAPiano
Lauridsen, MortenO Nata LuxLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Lawrence, DavidBush Carol, AShove, MargueriteEnglishChristmasSSAPiano
Le Gallienne, DGo, HeartWedderburn, JEnglishSecularUnisonPiano
Leavitt, J.O Captain! My Captain!Whitman, WaltEnglishSecularTTBBPiano
Leek, StephenBright StarsEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Leek, StephenTunggare“Tunggare”Aboriginal wordAustralianSATBa Cappella
Leek, StephenUntil I SawMoore, LillianEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Leisring, VolckmarO Filii et FiliaeThompson, DickLatin or EnglishSacredSATBoptional percussion
Lekberg, SvenAlleluiaalleluiaSacredSATBa Cappella
Lemaire, GastonDream Dancers (Vois dansez, marquise)fr: Bazot, Eugène; en:Steuart, GeoffreyEnglish or FrenchSecularSSAPiano
Lennon & McCartneyLong and Winding Road, TheCoates, J.Lennon/McCartneyEnglishPopularSATBTenor & BassPiano
Lennon & McCartneyYesterdayKerr, A.Lennon/McCartneyEnglishPopularSATBGuitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion
Lennon & McCartneyHere There and EverywhereWilson, F.Lennon and McCartneyEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Lennon, JohnImagineHuff, MacLennon, JohnEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Leo, LeonardoChristus Factus Est (Loving Saviour)Tortolano, W. (Ed)Gradual for Holy ThursdayLatin/EnglishSacredSAOrgan/Piano
Leoncavallo, RBell Chorus, TheCraig & Mason (ed)Italian or EnglishOperaSATBPiano
Lieurance, T.Love Song (from 'Four Indian Songs')EnglishSecularSSAAPiano
Lieurance, T.Lullaby (from 'Four Indian Songs')EnglishSecularSSAAPiano
Lieurance, T.Spring Song (from 'Four Indian Songs')EnglishSecularSSAAPiano
Liszt, FAngels' ChorusBrowning (ed)EnglishOratorioSSAAPiano
Loewe, F.They Call the Wind MariaShaw, KirbyLerner, Alan JayEnglishSecularTBBPiano
Lotti, AntonioVere Languores NostrosEd: Juneau, ThomasLatin & EnglishSacredSSAa Cappella
Lotti, AntonioCrucifixus IIDamrock (ed)LatinSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Lotti, AntonioMiserere MeiEhret & Wilson (ed)Latin or EnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Lovelock, W.SyncopationHolford, F.EnglishSecularSSAPiano
Lovelock, W.Harvest Anthem, APsalm 104EnglishSacredSABPiano
Lovelock, W.Island HeartScott, W NEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Lovelock, W.Old Peter GroomScott, W NEnglishSecularSSAATTBBa Cappella
Lovelock, WilliamDeath CarolWhitman, WaltEnglishSSAATTBBa Cappella
Lovelock, WilliamSerenadePinkney, Edward CooteEnglishSecularTTBBa Cappella
Lovelock, WilliamSong Against Bores , AAnon. 16th Cen.EnglishTTBBa Cappella
Lovelock, WilliamBlackbird, TheBrown T.E.EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Ludlow,BenHave You Heard?EnglishChristmas3-part speech choirfinger cymbals, snare drum, bass drum
Lvov, Alexis VonHospodi Pomilui (Lord Have Mercy on Us)Wilhousky, Peter JRussianSacredSATBa Cappella
Lvovsky, S.VHospodi Pomilui (Lord Have Mercy on Us)Hardwicke, A.PolishSacredSSAa Cappella
Mabry, George LMoon of Wintertime, Thede Brebeuf, Jean EnglishChristmasSSAsopranoPiano
MacCunn, HamishLord Ullin's DaughterCampbell, ThomasEnglishSecularSATBPiano reduction
MacGillivray, A.Away From the Roll of the SeaLoomer, D.MacGillivray, AEnglishSecularSSAAPiano
MacIntyre, D.Ave MariaChurch latinLatinSacredSSSAAAa Cappella
MacIntyre, DavidAve MariaLatinSacredSSSAAAa Cappella
Maclean, ClareHope There IsNunuccal, OodgerooEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Macy, J.CSimple SimonEnglishSecularSATBPiano, Organ or Harmonium
Mahler, GustavCuckoo, the Nightingale and the Donkey, TheLethbridge, LionelLethbridge, LionelEnglishSecularSAPiano
Mahy, KennethThere Is No Rose Of Such VirtueEnglishChristmasSATBSopranoa Cappella
Malotte, A.Lord's Prayer, TheDeis, CarlEnglishSacredSSAPiano
Mann, B. & Goffin, GWho Put the BompEmerson, RogerMann, B & Goffin, GEnglishSecularSA or TBPiano
Manuel, RalphAleluia BrasileiraAleluiaSacredSSAAa Cappella
Manzanero, AYesterdy I Heard the RainSimeone, H.Lees, GEnglishSecularSSAPiano
MarenzioHodie Christus Natus EstGregorian ChantLatinChristmasSATBa Cappella
Marks, J.Rudolphus RubrinasusBrunelle, P.Brunelle, P/Brunelle, CLatinChristmasSATBPiano
Martin & BlaneHave Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasNeufeld, KenMartin & BlaneEnglishChristmasSSAATTBBa Cappella
Martin & BlaneHave Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasSchmutte, PeteEnglishChristmasSAPiano
Martin, FrankSongs of Ariel from Shakespeare's TempestShakespeareEnglishSong CycleSSAATTBBaltoa Cappella
Martini, GiovanniTwo Motets: In Monte Olivetti, Tristis est Anima MMcCray, J. (Ed)LatinSacredSSAa Cappella
Mascagni, PietroAnthem for Spring (from Cavalleria Rusticana)Simeone, H.Spaeth, SigmundEnglishOperaSATBPiano
Mascagni, PietroO Rejoice that the Lord has Arisen! (Easter Hymn from Cavalleria Rusticana)Mansfield, P.Weatherley (English words)EnglishOperaSATBPiano or Organ
McBroom, AmandaRose, TheChinn, T.McBroom, AEnglishPopularSATBPiano (opt guitar, bass, drums
McCary, Morris, Morris, Stockman and AustinThank YouShaw, K.McCary, Morris, Morris, Stockman and AustinEnglishSecularTTBBPercussion
McCrae, S.Fair WarningLeck, H (Ed)Joseph, JennyEnglishSecularSSASopranoPiano
McDermid, J ATe Lucis Ante TerminumSt AmbroseLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Mellish, ColonelDrink to me only with thine eyesLoam, Arthur S.Jonson, BenEnglishFolkSATBPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixIm AdventGerman or EnglishChristmasSSAATTBBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixNightingale, The (Die Nachtigall)Mason, G M (ed)German or EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixWeinachtenCantrell, ByronGerman or EnglishChristmasSSAATTBBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixSurrexit Pastor Bonus (A Good and Faithful Shep)Stone, K (Ed)Latin/EnglishSacredSSAAOrgan/Piano
Mendelssohn, FelixAve Maria (1830)Harler, Alan (ed)LatinSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixSabbath Morn, TheEnglishSacredSSPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixGrant Us Thy Peace (Da Nobis Pacem)English or LatinSacredSATBPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixHear My PrayerBartholomew, WEnglishSacredSATBSopranoPiano or Organ
Mendelssohn, FelixHow Lovely are the messengers / Thus saith the LordEnglishOratorioSATBPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixHymn of Praise (Lobgesang)EnglishCantataSATBSSTPiano reduction
Mendelssohn, FelixI Waited for the LordEnglishSacredSATBSSPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixI Would That My Love Op 63. No 1Heine (translated from)EnglishSecularSSPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixTwenty-Four Four-Part Songs (ops 41, 48, 50, 59)EnglishCollectionSATB (some TTBB)a Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixGruss (Greeting) Op. 63. No 3Carl, R (Ed)German/EnglishSecularSAPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixIch Wollt', Meine Lieb (I Would That My Love)German or EnglishSecularSA or TBPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixHark! The Herald Angels SingHunter, R.Wesley, CharlesEnglishChristmasSSATTBOrgan/Piano
Mendelssohn, FelixHeiligRobinson, Ray (ed)German or EnglishSacredSATBSATBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixLift Thine Eyes to the Mountains (from 'Elijah')Psalm 121:1-3EnglishSacredSSAa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixSabbath Morn, TheEnglishSacredSSPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixForest Birds, TheFreed, Arnold (ed)EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixDas Leiden Christi (Christus op 97)Todd, R L (ed)LatinOratorioSATBTenorPiano reduction
Mendelssohn, FelixHerr Gott, du bist unsre Zuflucht / Erhaben, o Herr, uber alles LobGermanSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixHerr, gedenke nicht unster Ubeltaten-GermanSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixJube DomneLatin or EnglishSacredSATBSATBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixLaudate PueriLatin or EnglishSacredSSAOrgan
Mendelssohn, FelixMittenwir im Leben sindGermanSacredSATBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixRichte mich, GottGermanSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Mendelssohn, FelixVom Himmel hoch (choruses only)German or EnglishCantataSSATBvocal parts only
Mendelssohn, FelixVom Himmel hoch (full, with piano)German or EnglishCantataSSATBSop,BarPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixStar Shall Rise Out of Jacob, ABiblicalEnglishSacredSATBOrgan/Piano
Mendelssohn, FelixAs the Hart PantsCurnow, Leslie (ed)EnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Mendelssohn, FelixBe Not AfraidEnglishSacredSATBPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixBut the Lord is MindfulJamieson, Hugh (ed)EnglishSacredSATBOrgan or Piano
Mendelssohn, FelixHow Lovely are the messengersEnglishOratorioSATBPiano
Mendelssohn, FelixI Would That My Love Op 63. No 1Oxenford & LinleyEnglishSecularSSPiano
Menken, A.Under the Sea (from 'The Little Mermaid'Shaw, KirbyAshman, HEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Menotti, G.Amahl and the Night VisitorsMenottiEnglishOperaSATBSSTBBBPiano reduction
Menotti, G.Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore, TheMenottiEnglishMajor workSSAATTBBvocal parts only
Menotti, G.Have You Seen -from 'Amahl and the Night Visitors'MenottiEnglishChristmasSTBBPiano
Messiaen, O.O Sacrum Convivium!UnknownLatinSacredSATBOrgan
Milner, A.Bee's Song, The (Das Lied der Biene)de la Mare, WalterEnglish (German)SecularSSSSAa Cappella
Moeran, E JSongs of SpringtimeEnglishCycleSATBa Cappella
Mompou, F.Les ImproperesUnknownLatinSacredSSATBBBassa Cappella
Monteverdi, CSfogava con le stelleRedlich, H.F. (Ed) Eng. Trans. By Millicent, R.ItalianSecularSSATBPiano
Monteverdi, CPiagn'e sospiraEng. Adaptation by G.L.ItalianSecularSSATBPiano
Monteverdi, CVespers (1610)Stevens (ed)LatinSacred - major workSSAATTTTBBvarious SATBOrchestra, Organ
Monteverdi, CQuel Augellin che cantaBoccaccio, G. Transl & Ed. By Malin, D.English/ItalianSecularSSATBa Cappella
Monteverdi, CMagnificatChurch LatinItalianSacredSSATTBOrgan
Morales, Cristobal deO Magnum MysteriumGoodale, Robert (ed)LatinChristmasSSAAa Cappella
Morley & WeelkesThree Renaissance Pieces for Treble VoicesHarris, J. (Ed)EnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Morley, ThomasNow is the Month of MayingFellowes, E.EnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Morley, ThomasOn A Fair MorningFellowes (ed)EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Morley, ThomasFire, Fire my HeartLeslie, H (Ed)UnknownEnglishMadrigalSSATBPiano
Morley, ThomasNow is the Month of MayingEnglishSecularSATTBa Cappella
Morrison, VanHave I Told You LatelyLojeski, E.Van MorrisonEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Morrissey, WendyThree CarolsEnglishChristmasSAa Cappella
Morton, R.O Come, Come EmmanuelEnglishChristmasSATBTenora Cappella
Mozart, W ALacrymosaCleveland, MichaelLatinSacredSSAAPiano
Mozart, W AAve VerumQuinn, J. (Ed)LatinSacredSSAAPiano or Organ
Mozart, W ALaudate Dominum K 339Quinn, Jon (Ed)VespersLatinSacredSSAASopranoPiano or Organ
Mozart, W AAve VerumTrant, BLatin or EnglishSacredSSAPiano
Mozart, W AMi Lagnero TacendoCarl, R.English/ItalianSecularSABPiano & 3 Clarinets
Mozart, W APiu Non Si TrovanoJardini, A.M.English/ItalianSecularSABPiano & 3 Clarinets
Mozart, W ADue Pupille Amabil (Two Starry Beams)Jardini, A.M.English/ItalianSecularSABPiano & 3 Clarinets
Mozart, W AEcco, Quel Fiero IstanteJardini, A.M.English/ItalianSecularSABPiano & 3 Clarinets
Mozart, W ALitaniae Lauretanaeinstrumental parts
Mozart, W AThamos, Konig in Aegypteninstrumental parts
Mozart, W AAve VerumCollins (ed)LatinSacredSATBStrings
Mozart, W AOverture to The Marriage of FigaroCable, HowardsyllablesOperaSSAa Cappella
Mozart, W AAlleluja!Geehl, HenryalleluiaSacredSATBPiano
Mozart, W AMozart Anthem Book volume IIBoeringer (ed)Latin or EnglishSacredSATBStrings & Continuo
Mozart, W AMozart Anthem Book volume IIBoeringer, JamesString parts
Mozart, W AGod is our refuge and strengthPsalm 46:1EnglishSacredSATBPiano
Mozart, W AVesperae Solennes de confessoreinstrumental parts
Mozart, W ALitaniae LauretanaeLatinSacredSATBSATB soliPiano
Mozart, W AVesperae Solennes de confessore K 339VespersLatinSacredSATBPiano
Mozart, W ASleep, My Princess (Mozart's Cradle Hymn)Mayship, ArthurDevon, REnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Mozart, W ASleep, My Princess (Mozart's Cradle Hymn)Mayship, ArthurDevon, REnglishSecularTTBBa Cappella
Mozart, W ASleep, My Princess (Mozart's Cradle Hymn)Mayship, ArthurTait, G IEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Mozart, W ASleep, My Princess (Mozart's Cradle Hymn)Mayship, ArthurDevon, REnglishSecularUnisonPiano
Mozart, W AGloria from 12th MassUnknownEnglishSacredSATBPiano
Mulholland, J.Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's DayShakespeareEnglishSecularSSAAPiano
MurdenFor Once in My LifeShaw, K.Miller, REnglishPopularSATBPiano, Bass, Drums
Murray, AlanI'll Walk Beside YouLucas, C.Lockton, EdwardEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Nelson & RollinsFrosty The SnowmanShaw, KirbyEnglishChristmasSSApiano
Nickson, J.A.I sing of a maidentradEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Nickson, J.A.Take, O Take Those Lips AwayFletcher, JEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Nickson, J.A.Day of Pentecost, TheEnglishSacredSATBSpeakerOrgan
Nickson, J.A.Festive Alleluia, AEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Nielsen, CarlHymnus AmorisLatinSecularSSA(children), SSA(adult),SATBS & TPiano
Nowowiejski, FelixParce DomineBausano (ed)LatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Nystedt, KnutVeniLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Nystedt, KnutI Will Greatly Rejoice!EnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Nystedt, KnutSing and RejoiceEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Oakland, B.Java JiveLojeski, E.Drake, M.EnglishPopularSATBPiano, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Oakland, BenJava JiveLojeski, EdDrake, MiltonEnglishPopularSSAAPiano, Bass, Percussion, Guitar
Offenbach, JFairest Evening (Barcarolle)Rhys-Herbert, WFederlein, E HEnglishSecularSAPiano
Offenbach, JGendarmes DuetFarnie, W BEnglishOperetta2 partPiano
Offenbach, JacquesFairest Evening (Barcarolle)Rhys-Herbert, WFederlein, E.H. (Eng)EnglishSecularSAPiano
Orban, GyorgyAve MariaLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Pachelbel, JohannPachelbel Canon, TheAgay, DenesVocaliseSecularSATBPiano or Organ
Palestrina, G P daGloria PatriLatin or EnglishSacredSATBSATBa Cappella
Palestrina, G P daStabat Mater dolorosaLatinSacredSATBSATBa Cappella
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi daDies SanctificatusThorsen, D (ed)LatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Parry, C H HMusic, when soft voices dieShelleyEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Parry, C H HI was glad when they said unto meEnglishSacredSSAATTBBPiano or Organ
Parry, C H HSeven PartsongsCorp, R (ed)EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Part, ArvoBogoroditse DjevoRussianSacredSATBa Cappella
Part, ArvoGebet nach dem Kanon (Prayer after the Kanon)RussianSacredSATBa Cappella
Part, ArvoMagnificatLatinSacredSSATBSopranoa Cappella
Pascanu, AChindiasyllablesDance tuneSATBoptional Piano
Pascanu, AChindiaRomanianFolkSSAPiano (optional)
Patterson, MarkO Lovely RosePatterson, MarkEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Paviour, PaulWhile The Billy Boils: A Choral SuiteEnglishSecularSATBPiano, Flute
Paviour, PaulVeni Redemptor GentiumSt AmbroseEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Pearsall, R L deO Who Will O'er The Downs So FreeEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Peerson, MartinBlow Out The Trumpet (Blast die Posaunen)Wailes, MarylinEnglish or GermanSacredSATBKeyboard
Pergolesi, G.B.Stabat MaterLatinSacredSASoprano & ContraltoPiano
Pergolesi, G.B.Stabat MaterRosler, Gustav (ed)LatinSacredSASoprano & ContraltoPiano
Phillips, Eric AustinBlack Swan, TheMcCauley, JamesEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Pierpont, JJingle, bellsBlackwell, DavidPierpont, SEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Popp, A.Love Is BlueLuboff, N.Blackburn, B.EnglishPopularSATBPiano, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Porpora, NiccolaLauda JerusalemHunter (ed)LatinsacredSSAASAOrgan or Piano
Porpora, NiccolaMagnificatHunter (ed)LatinSacredSSAASAOrgan or Piano
Porter, ColeNight and DayHurd, J.Porter, CEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Porter, ColeLet's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)Beadell, R.Porter, C.EnglishPopularSATBPiano
Porter, ColeIn The Still Of The NightO'Neill, JackiePorter, ColeEnglishMusical TheatreSSAPiano
Poston, ElizabethJesus Christ The Apple TreeEnglishSacredSSAATBa Cappella
Poulenc, FrancisGloriaRoss, Hugh (english)Latin or EnglishSacred - major workSATBSopranoPiano reduction
Poulenc, FrancisHodie Christus Natus estGregorian ChantLatinChristmasSATBa Cappella
Poulton, G.Aura LeeHunter, R., Parker, A.& Shaw, R.Fosdick, W.EnglishSecularTTBBa Cappella
Praetorius, MichaelLo, How A Rose E'er BloomingSandstrom, jEnglish or GermanChristmasSATB/SSAATTBBa Cappella
Praetorius, MichaelIn Dulci JubiloGerman/Latin or EnglishChristmasSATBBrass Ensemble
Protheroe, DanielSandman, DeGriffin, Will FEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Puccini, GiacomoO Mio Babbino CaroLojeski, EdItalian or EnglishOperaSSAPiano
Purcell, HenryWeinachts - AnthemEnglish or GermanChristmasSATB2 Tenors, Baritonevocal parts only
Purcell, HenryRejoice In The Lord AlwaysShaw, WatkinsEnglishSacredSATBATBStrings, Organ
Purcell, HenryIn these delightful, pleasant grovesLeslie, Henry (ed)EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Quilter, RogerNow Sleeps The Crimson PetalSchackley, GTennysonEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Rachmaninoff, SergeiCherubim HymnMason, Geoffrey (ed)EnglishSacredSSAATTBBa Cappella
Rachmaninoff, SergeiSongs of the Church op 37 (All Night Vigil)Douglas, WinifredEnglishSacred - major workSATBa Cappella
Raminsh, ImantCome, My LightSt Dimitri of RostovEnglishSacredSATB divisia Cappella
Raminsh, ImantAve Verum CorpusLatinSacredSSAAPiano or Organ
Raminsh, ImantDaybreak SongWalton, Eda LouEnglishSecularSSSPiano
Raminsh, ImantMagnificatLatinMajor workSATBMezzo-SopranoPiano
Raminsh, ImantSong of the StarsBarnes, NellieEnglishSecularSSPiano
Raminsh, ImantSongs of the Lights set 1Instrumental parts
Raminsh, ImantSower, TheWalton, Eda LouEnglishSecularSSSPiano, Flute, Glockenspiel
Raminsh, ImantSun Is A Luminous Shield, TheWalton, Eda LouEnglishSecularSSSPiano
Ramirez, ArielMisa CriollaSpanish and EnglishSacred, major workSATB3 voicesPercussion, Guitar, Harpsichord
Reger, MaxIf I Had Wings (Liebchens Bote)Zipper, HerbertEnglish or GermanSecularSATBa Cappella
Respighi, OttorinoLaud To The Nativity (Lauda per la Nativita del Signore)Jacopone da TodiHarold HeibergItalian or EnglishChristmas - major workSATBsoprano, mezzo, tenor
Richie, LionelThree Times a LadyWilliams, D.Richie, L.EnglishPopularSABPiano
Richie, LionelEndless LoveLojeski, E.Richie, LEnglishPopularSABPiano
Riedel, GeorgConversation PieceMarcus & LuboffEnglishSpeaking chorusSATB speakersa Cappella
Rimsky Korsakoff, NHindoo SongBrown, Frank EEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Roberton, Hugh SAll In The April EveningTynan, KatherineEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Roberton, Hugh SWestering HomeRoberton, KennethRoberton, Hugh SEnglishSecularSAPiano
Robinson, WilliamMy GuyHuff, MacRobinson, WilliamEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Rodgers, R.Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'Stickles, W.Hammerstein, O.EnglishPopularSATBPiano
Rodgers, R.Some Enchanted EveningStickles, W.Hammerstein, O.EnglishPopularSATBPiano
Rodgers, RichardI'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My HairBrymer, MarkHammerstein, O.EnglishMusical TheatreSSAPiano
Rorem, NedBefore the morning star begottenEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Rossi, LuigiDormite, begl' occhi ("Slumber Scene" from Orfeo)Meredith, Victoriaen: Meredith, VItalian or EnglishOpera fragmentSSAPiano
Rossini, GDuetto Buffo di Due GattiFeline, Aanimal noisesSecularSAPiano
Rossini, GI Gondolieri (The Gondoliers)Jennings, K (ed)Italian or EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Rossini, GWilliam Tell OvertureEschliman, JsyllablesOperaSATBa Cappella
Rowley, AlecPraiseClarke, AidanEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Rowley, AlecSailor's Garland, TheSmith, G FoxEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Ruggieri, G MGloriaBurnett, HenryLatinSacred - major workSATBSATBSSATBBBBBBBOrchestra reduction
Rutter, JohnGod Be In My HeadEnglishsacredSSAa Cappella
Rutter, JohnFive Childhood LyricsEnglishSong CycleSATBa Cappella
Rutter, JohnGloriaLatinSacred - major workSATBOrchestra reduction
Rutter, JohnGod Be In My HeadSarum PrimerEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Rutter, JohnIt Was A Lover And His LassShakespeareEnglishSecularSATBBa Cappella
Rutter, JohnLord is my shepherd, ThePsalm 23EnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Rutter, JohnO Clap Your HandsPsalm 47EnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Rutter, JohnWhat Sweeter MusicHerrick, REnglishChristmasSATBOrgan
Rutter, JohnBrother Heinrich's ChristmasRutter, JEnglishChristmasSATBNarratorPiano (Oboe + Bassoon)
Rutter, JohnChoral Fanfare, APsalm 81EnglishSacredSSATBBKeyboard reduction
Rutter, JohnFor The Beauty of the EarthPierpont, SEnglishSacredSATBPiano
Rutter, JohnLord Bless You And Keep You, TheBiblical – NumbersEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Saint-Marie, B. & Nitzsche, J.Up Where We BelongStrommen, C.Jennings, W.EnglishPopularSATBPiano
Sallinen, AulisSongs from the SeaHurd, MichaelEnglishSecularSSAAsopranoa Cappella
Santa Maria, Tomas deAll Holy LordSparling, H WEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Scarlatti, AAlleluia (from a Graduale to St CeciliaRoss, HughalleluiaSacredSSATBSSAOrgan
Scarlatti, DomenicoStabat MaterLatinSacred - major workSSSSAATTBBcontinuo
Scheidt, S.Puer Natus and Surrexit ChristusLatin/EnglishChristmasSATBOrgan
Scheidt, SamuelSic Deus Dilexit Mundumincomplete brass parts
Scheidt, SamuelSic deus dilexit mundumLatin or EnglishSacredSATBOrgan & Brass
Scheidt, SamuelAngelus ad pastores aitLatinChristmasdouble mixed chorusa Cappella
Schein, Johann HO lovely childGlaser, VictoriaGlaser, Victoria (translation)EnglishChristmasSSOrgan
Schnabel, JosefTranseamus Usque Bethlehem (Let Us Journey to Bethlehem)Currie, ELatin or EnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Schoggl, Franz (after Schubert)Trout As You Like ItEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Schönberg, Claude-MichelI Dreamed a Dream (from Les Miserables)Lojeski, EdBoublil, A; Natel, J-M; Kretzner, HEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Schönberg, Claude-MichelOn My OwnLojeski, EdBoublil, A; Natel, J-M; Kretzner, H; Caird, C; Nunn, TEnglishMusical TheatreSSAPiano
Schubert, F.Happiness (O Seligkeit)Freed, Arnold (ed)English or GermanSecularSATBPiano
Schubert, F.Lord Is My Shepherd, TheEnglishSacredSSAAPiano
Schubert, F.Night and DreamsGoldman, M.Goldman, MEnglishSecularTTBBMezzo-SopranoPiano
Schubert, F.Night, TheParker, A (English version)English/GermanSecularTTBBa Cappella
Schubert, F.Lord is my shepherd, TheSpicker, Max (ed)EnglishSacredSSAAPiano
Schubert, F.To MusicRao, DoreenSchoberGerman or EnglishSecularUnisonPiano
Schubert, F.Hark, Hark! The lark at heaven's gate singsJenkins, CyrilShakespeareEnglishSecularSAPiano
Schumann, ClaraDrei gemischte ChoreNauhaus, GerdGermanmixed voicesSATBa Cappella
Schumann, GeorgHuldigung beim JesuskindeGermanChristmasSATBa Cappella
Schumann, GeorgMaria Wiegenlied am Drei KönigstageGermanChristmasSATBsopranoa Cappella
Schumann, R.Beim Abschied zu singen (To be sung at Parting)Feuchtersleben, Ernst vonGerman or Englishmixed voicesSATBpiano
Schumann, R.Good Night (Gute Nacht)Freed, Arnold (ed)English or GermanSecularSATBSopranoa Cappella
Schumann, R.Hunting SongsLunn, J (English version)EnglishSecularTTBB4 Horns
Schumann, R.Herbstlied (Autumn Song)Hall, William DGerman or EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Schumann, R.Schon Blumelein (Lovely Flower)Hall, William D (ed)German or EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Schumann, R.TrioletHeiberg, Harold (ed)L'EgrnGerman or EnglishSecularSSAPiano
Schumann, R.Two Vocal Works - NeujahrsliedMassGerman and Englishextended workSATBSAB/STB
Schumann, R.Various Choral Works - op's 33, 62, 65, 55, 59, 67/1, 75/2, 141, 145, 146GermanSecularvariousvarious
Schumann, R.TrioletFrenchSecularSSAPiano
Schumann, R.Spring NightHaddockEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Schumann, R.ZigeunerlebenGermanSecularSATBPiano
Schumann, R.ZigeunerlebenHummel, FerdinandGermanSecularSSASSAPiano
Schumann, RobertTwo Grenadiers, TheHarrison, Julius / Davies, Ivor REnglishTTBBa Cappella
Schumann, RobertSchön Blümelein (Beautiful Little Flower)Fleet, KenReinick, Robert; en: K.F.German or EnglishSA (or TB)Piano
Schutz, HeinrichSing, O My Soul, The Father's Praises (Lobe den Herren, meine Seele)Granville, Roger (ed)English or GermanSacredSATBSATBcontinuo
Schutz, HeinrichPsalm 150Marier, Theodore (ed)incomplete instrumental parts
Schutz, HeinrichPsalm 150Marier (ed)German or EnglishSacredSATBSATBBrass choir & Organ
Schutz, HeinrichDeutsches Magnificat 1671 SWV 494German or EnglishSacredSATBSATBcontinuo
Schutz, HeinrichHeute is Christus der Herr geborenKlein, M (ed)German or EnglishChristmasSSAcontinuo
Schutz, HeinrichSaulBeyerle, Bernward (ed)GermanSacredSATBSATBSSATBBStrings, Continuo
Schutz, HeinrichOur Father (Das Vaterunser)English or GermanSacredSATTBcontinuo
Sculthorpe, PeterAutumn SongCovell, RogerEnglishSecularSATBBa Cappella
Seeger, PeteBells of Rhymney, TheJoyce, JimmyDavies, IdrisEnglishPopularSATBBells or Piano
Seiber, MatyasThree Hungarian Folk-SongsEnglishFolkSSAAa Cappella
Seiber, MatyasThree Hungarian Folk-SongsLloyd, A.L.EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Senfl, LudwigBells of Speyer, The (Das Gelaut au Speier)Greyson, NormanEnglish or GermanSecularSATTBBa Cappella
Senior, MargaretVocal Exercises for 20th Century MusicwordlessExerciseunisona Cappella
Shaw, GeoffreyHow Far is it to Bethlehem?Chesterton, FrancesEnglishSSAPiano
Shaw, MartinWith a voice of singingEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Shayne, GloriaLet's All Give A Little Gift To SantaNissenson, GloriaEnglishChristmasSAPiano
Shearer, C. M.Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls, TheMoore, ThomasEnglishFolkSATBa Cappella
Shepherd, JohnWestern Wind Mass, ThePetti (ed)LatinMassSATBa Cappella
Sherwin, M.Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, AKarlin, F.MaschwitzEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Sherwin, M.Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, ABillingsley, A.Maschwitz, EEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Sibelius, JeanBe Still, My SoulBoustead, A.von Schlegel, K. translation: Borthwick, JEnglishSacredTTBBPiano
Simon, LucyCome To My GardenLeavitt, JohnNorman, MarshaEnglishMusical TheatreSSAopt SopranoPiano
Simon, P.Bridge Over Troubled WaterSechler, C.Simon, PEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Simon, PaulBridge Over Troubled WaterShaw, KirbySimon, PaulEnglishPopularSSASopranoPiano
Simone, NChildren, Go Where I Send YouWarnick, C.EnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Singh, VijayJohnny Said, "No!"Singh, VijayEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Sleeth, N.Jazz GloriaEnglishChristmasSATB3 Trumpets, String Bass, Bongo Drums
Smith, Byron JShout Glory!EnglishGospelSATBhigh voicePiano
Snyder, A.New Day, ASnyder, AEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Sondheim, S.Send in the ClownsBeadell, R.Sondheim, SEnglishPopularSATBPiano
Spector, P. Greenwich and BarryChapel of LoveEmerson, R.Spector, Greenwich and BarryEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Spencer, WilliamettaNova, Nova, Ave Fit Ex EvaLatin & EnglishChristmasSSAa Cappella
Spevacek, L.Lark Ascending, TheMeredith, GEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Sprague, N BCatastrophe, AShelton, Charles MEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Stainer, JohnCrucifixion, TheSparrow-Simpson, JEnglishOratorioSATBTBPiano
Stanford, C VJubilateEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Stanford, Charles VillierBlue Bird, TheColeridge, Mary EEnglishSecularSATBSopranoa Cappella
Stevens, HalseyLike as a the Culver on the Bared BoughSpencerEnglishSecularSSATBa Cappella
Strauss, RichardAbend, Der (Evening)Schiller, Friedrich vGerman or EnglishSecularSSSSAAAATTTTBBBBa Cappella
Stravinsky, IgorAnthem (The dove descending breaks the air)Eliot, T SEnglishMixed voicesSATBa Cappella
Styne, J.PeopleKerr, A.Merril, REnglishPopularSATBPiano, Bass and Drums
Styne, JuleDiamonds are a Girl's Best FriendBillingsley, AlanRobin, LeoEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Styne, JuleLet Me Entertain You (from Gypsy)Shackley, LarrySondheim, StephenEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Sullivan, ArthurOrpheus with His LuteWest, John EShakespeareEnglishSSAPiano
Sullivan, Arthur SPirates Chorus (With Cat-Like Tread)Tudor, GeorgeGilbert, W SEnglishOperetta2-partPiano
Sumner, G MFields of GoldEmerson, RogerSumner, G MEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Sutherland, M.Quietly As RosebudsNeilson, ShawEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Tallis, ThomasThat Virgin's ChildGwynneth, JohnEnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Tavener, JohnToday The VirginMother TheklaEnglishChristmasa Cappella
Taverner, JohnWestern Wind, TheBrett, Philip (ed)LatinMass settingSATBa Cappella
Taylor, ColinIn the Warm Blue Summer Weather (Slumber Songs of the Madonna no.2)Noyes, AlfredEnglishSecularSSAAa Cappella
Tchaikovsky, Peter ILittle Nightingale, TheSchuster, LudwigEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Telemann, G PPsalm LXXI: Deus judicium tuum regidaPsalm 71LatinSacredSATBBchoral parts
Telemann, Georg PhilippO Praise the Lord, All Ye Nations (Laudate Jehovam, omnes gentes)Oberdoerffer, Fritz (ed)Psalm 117Latin or EnglishSacredSATBStrings, Continuo
Telemann, Georg PhilippO Praise the Lord, All Ye Nations (Laudate Jehovam, omnes gentes)vn1&2,vc,organinstrumental parts
Telfer, NancyDragon, TheTelfer, NancyEnglishSecularSAPiano
Telfer, NancyButterflyTelfer, NancyEnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Temple-EvansMary's Song of PraiseEnglishChristmasSSAAa Cappella
Thiman, Eric HSing Alleluia forthEllerton, JEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Thiman, Eric HShakespearian Madrigal, A (Sigh No More, Ladies)ShakespeareEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Thompson, RandallChoose Something like a StarFrost, RobertEnglishSecularSSAAPiano
Thompson, RandallAlleluiaalleluiaSacredSSAAa Cappella
Thompson, RandallAlleluia, Amen (from The Place of the Blest)alleluiaSacredSSAAPiano reduction
Thompson, RandallGirl's Garden, AFrost, RobertEnglishSecularSAAPiano
Thompson, RandallCarol of the Rose, TheHerrick, REnglishChristmasSSAAPiano reduction
Torme & WellsChristmas Song, The (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)Snyder & HigginsTorme & WellsEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
Toussaint, A.R.Working in the Coal MineBrymer, M.Toussaint, A.R.EnglishPopularTBBPiano
Travis, M.Sixteen TonsShaw, K.Travis, MEnglishPopularTBBa Cappella
Tschesnokoff, P.Come Thou, Holy SpiritTkach, PeterEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Tschesnokoff, P.Come Thou Holy SpiritTkach, P.Tkach, PEnglishSacredTTBBPiano
Turk, R., and Handman, L.Are You Lonesome TonightTurk, R. and Handman, L.EnglishBarbershop QuartetTTBBa Cappella
Vale, CharlesEveryone SangSassoon, SiegfriedEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
VariousTake 6 Christmas, AZegree, Steve; after Dent & KibbleEnglishChristmasSSATBBa Cappella
VariousChristmas in SongCollectionvariousvariousEnglishChristmasSATB
variousPenguin book of English Madrigals, TheStevens, D.EnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
VariousCarols for Choirs 1Willcocks and JacquesAnonEnglishChristmasSATBPiano
VariousFive Christmas CarolsWillcocks, DEnglishChristmasSATBOrgan/Piano
variousMedley from Sister ActHuff, MacLatin and EnglishPopular2-partPiano
variousMedley from Sister ActHuff, MacLatin and EnglishPopularSSAPiano
variousWomen Sing At ChristmasLeavitt, JohnEnglishChristmas - collectionSSAa Cappella
various30 Old and New Christmas CarolsPitcher, GladysEnglishChristmasSSAa Cappella
variousPremiere Three: the only magazine to have Music instead of WordsEnglishSecularUnisonPiano
variousChristmas & Advent Motets for 6 voicesPetti, A G (ed)LatinChristmas6 mixed voicescontinuo
variousSpanish School for 4 Voices, ThePetti, Anthony (ed)LatinCollection - sacredSATBa Cappella
variousChoral Music of TodayEnglishPopularSATBPiano
variousChristmas Carols - 1st selection, 13 carolsEnglishChristmasSATBvarious
variousSouthern Cross Song BookChambers, H.A.VariousEnglishSecularSABa Cappella
Vaughan Williams, R.O Clap Your HandsPsalm 47EnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Vaughan Williams, R.Dona Nobis PacemEnglish & some LatinMajor workSATBSoprano, BaritonePiano reduction
Vaughan Williams, R.LullabyEnglishChristmasSAPiano
Vaughan Williams, R.MagnificatEnglishChristmasSSAAaltoPiano, Flute
Vaughan Williams, R.O Taste and SeePsalm 34EnglishSacredSATBSopranoOrgan
Vaughan Williams, R.O Taste and SeeEnglishSacredSSAOrgan
Vaughan Williams, R.Serenade to MusicShakespeareEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Vaughan Williams, R.Three Shakespeare SongsShakespeareEnglishSecularSATBa Cappella
Vaughan Williams, R.Wither's Rocking HymnBaldwin, AntonyWither, GeorgeEnglishChristmasSATBSoprano, Tenor, BaritoneOrgan
Vaughan Williams, R.Fantasia On Christmas CarolsEnglishChristmasSATBBaritonepiano (orchestral reduction)
Vaughan Williams, RalphSigh No More LadiesShakespeareEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Vaughan Williams, RalphToward the Unknown RegionWhitman, WaltEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Verdi, GiuseppePater NosterItalian or EnglishSacredSSATBa Cappella
Viadana, LodovicoSing, Ye Righteous (Exultate, Justi)Sateren, Leland BPsalm 33English or LatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Vick, LLullabyEnglishSecularSATBsopranoa Cappella
Vick, LMagnificatEnglishSacredSATBSopranoOrgan
Victoria, Tomas Luis DeMagi Viderunt StellamLatin/EnglishChristmasSATBa Cappella
Victoria, Tomas Luis DeSenex Puerum PortabatBanner (ed)Latin or EnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Victoria, Tomas Luis DeO Magnum MysteriumLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
Victoria, Tomas Luis DeO Crux AveLatinSacredSATBa Cappella
VidaFamine SongCulloton, MatthewVidaEnglishFolkSATBSAa Cappella
Vine, CarlLove Me SweetO'Leary, MarkEnglishSecularSSAPiano Flute
VittoriaMissa Pro Defunctis (4 voices)LatinSacred - major workSATBa Cappella
Vivaldi, AntonioGloriaMartens (ed)Latin MassLatinSacred - major workSATB2 Sopranos, AltoOrchestral
Vivaldi, AntonioCredoinstrumental parts
Vivaldi, AntonioGloria Tibi DomineWestermann, Clayton (ed)instrumental parts
Vivaldi, AntonioIn Memoria AeternaMcEwen (ed)Psalm 112Latin or EnglishSacredATBKeyboard
Vivaldi, AntonioKyrieinstrumental parts
Vivaldi, AntonioBeatus VirLatinSacredSSAA2 sopranosStrings, Continuo
Wagenheim, VolkerVogelhochzeit und GansediebGermanSecularSATBa Cappella
Wagner, RichardBridal Chorus from LohengrinRutter (ed)Wagner, RGerman or EnglishOperaSATBPiano
Walters, E.Andalusian Love SongWalters, EEnglishSecularTTBBPiano
Warlock, P.Adam Lay YboundenDavies, L.AnonEnglishChristmasSATBSopranoPiano
Warlock, P.I saw a fair maidenEnglishChristmasSATTBa Cappella
Watson Henderson, RuthMay the Road Rise to Meet YouIrish BlessingEnglishSacredSSAAa Cappella
Watson Henderson, RuthPsalm 100EnglishSacredSAPiano
Weiss, G.D. & Thiele, B.What a Wonderful WorldBrymer, M.Weiss, G.D. & Thiele, B.EnglishPopularSATBPiano
Wesley-Smith, M.When We Are Old and GayWesley-Smith, PeterEnglishSecularSATBTenorPiano
Wesley, SamuelThou Wilt Keep HimHinshaw, Don (ed)EnglishSacredSATTBOrgan
Wheeler, AlfredBe Thou My GuideLavater, LouisO'Hara, John BernardEnglishSacredSATBPiano or Organ
Wheeler, AlfredHe Was DespisedBiblical – IsaiahEnglishSacredSATBOrgan
Whelan, BillLift the WingsEnglishPopularSSAAPiano
Whitacre, EricLux AurumqueEsch, EdwardLatinChristmasSSAATTBBSopranoa Cappella
Whitacre, EricSeal Lullaby, TheKipling, RudyardEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Wilbye, JohnAs Matchless BeautyFellowes, E H (ed)EnglishMadrigalSATBa Cappella
Wilbye, JohnFlora Gave Me Fairest FlowersFellowes, E.EnglishSecularSSAa Cappella
Willcocks, JonathanO Holy JesusSt Richard of ChichesterEnglishSacredSATBPiano
Williams, LynFerry Me Across The WaterRossetti, Christina EnglishSecularUnison (divisi)Piano
Williamson, MalcolmDawn Carolfrom 2nd Mass of ChristmasEnglishSacredSATBa Cappella
Williamson, MalcolmBirthday, ASaunders, AntonyRossetti, Christina EnglishSecularSATBPiano
Williamson, MalcolmGo Lovely RoseSaunders, AntonyWaller, EdmundEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Williamson, MalcolmJenny Kiss'd MeSaunders, AntonyHunt, LeighEnglishSecularSATBPiano
Williamson, MalcolmSweet and LowSaunders, AntonyTennysonEnglishSecularSSAPiano
Wilson & GruberNeath the Silent Stars / Silent NightSmisek, AnitaWebster & MohrEnglishChristmasSATB/SSAmezzoPiano
Woods, HarryWhen the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bobbin' AlongSimeone, H.Woods, HarryEnglishPopularSSAPiano
Young, VictorWhen I Fall In LoveShaw, KirbyHeyman, EdwardEnglishPopularSSAAa Cappella
Zamecnik, J SIndian DawnRoos, Chalres OEnglishSecularSSAAPiano