Faye Dumont Singers

Faye Dumont Singers

When Faye Dumont returned from studies in America (at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles) she soon set up a choir, which at its first concert was called The Canterbury Singers. Following that concert, and before making its first recording, the choir members voted a change of name to the Faye Dumont Singers. The first recording was a carol record – O Come All Ye Faithful; and a second followed – The Birds.

The incorporated Arts Organisation, The Faye Dumont Singers Inc., was set up for its administration.

This choir continued as the only FDS Inc. choir until its tenth year, when Faye prompted a name change of that ensemble to the Melbourne Chamber Choir at the time the organisation was also forming the Melbourne Women’s Choir. The administration retained the original association name for organisational purposes.

Additional to these have been Occasional Choirs:

The Melbourne Mastersingers existed as a small male choir for a while, but is the name taken also when a male ensemble has been invited – for example when the men of the Melbourne Chamber Choir appeared in monks robes and sang Gregorian Chant for the launch of a champagne.

Chorelation, which made a beautiful CD – What Sweeter Music Can We Sing?, is an ensemble selected from the Faye Dumont Singers choirs and invited choristers. It has sung some professionally paid gigs such as a Work-cover TV presentation; and, for the Melbourne Summer Arts Festival, Tim Sexton’s opera Dreamtime.

The Faye Dumont Singers Inc. has continued an annual concert series since its early days. It has also been instrumental in gathering others to share concert platforms – for many years providing Sing Christmas (including one in the Tennis Centre, with the Melbourne Symphony); nine Voices of Women festivals for women’s choirs from throughout the country; and in 2017 has presented its 17th Choral@Montsalvat festival.

The Faye Dumont Singers Inc. choirs have a policy of commissioning and performing premiere works both Australian and international; and continue to encourage young composers in the Showcase of Australian Works at Choral@Montsalvat.

The organisation has a FDS Charitable Donations Fund into which donors can place tax deductible gifts toward the activities of the choirs; and has set up the Paul Barclay Scholarship in honour of a member of the Melbourne Chamber Choir.